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  • IRB 5720

IRB 5720

Introducing High-Performance Large Robots


with Payloads Ranging from 70kg to 110kg ABB is expanding its lineup of large-size robots with the introduction of the IRB 5710 series. These robots offer enhanced speed, robustness, and precision for a variety of applications. The IRB 5710 series comes in four different variants, each offering a choice of payload capacities ranging from 70kg to 110kg and reach options spanning from 2.3m to 2.7m.


Perfect for Material Handling, Machine Tending, and High-Precision Assembly The IRB 5710 series is exceptionally well-suited for tasks in material handling, machine tending, and high-precision assembly. It finds its applications in various industries, including Electric Vehicle battery production, automotive, and general manufacturing.


Looking for Even Higher Payload and Reach? Discover the IRB 5720. For those requiring even greater payload and reach capabilities, the IRB 5720 is a compelling option. It combines enhanced speed and durability, thanks to its robust design and the advanced motion control provided by the OmniCore V250XT controller.


Faster and More Robust


The IRB 5710 stands out for its robust build and OmniCore V250XT controller, enabling improved speed and accuracy. This increased efficiency translates to higher productivity, with the IRB 5710 being faster than other robots in its class and up to 25% faster than models like the IRB 6700 and IRB 6620. This speed boost allows for the manufacturing of more products in less time.


Exceptional Precision


The IRB 5710 series boasts outstanding position repeatability

(0.04-0.05mm), path repeatability (0.12-0.16mm), and path accuracy (1-1.2mm). These precision attributes set it apart from other robots, ensuring the highest levels of manufacturing quality and accuracy.

Variants in the IRB 5710 Series:


  • IRB 5710-110/2.3
  • IRB 5710-90/2.7
  • IRB 5710-90/2.3 LID
  • IRB 5710-70/2.7 LID
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