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  • IRB 2600

IRB 2600

Shortened Cycle Times: 


  • The IRB 2600ID robots achieve significantly reduced cycle times thanks to the clever integration of all process cables and hoses within the robot arm. This integration minimizes downtime caused by interference and wear.
  • By housing these components inside the robot arm, maximum achievable acceleration remains unrestricted, resulting in faster and more reliable operations. 

Two Model Options:


  • This robot series offers two distinct models to suit different needs. The 2-meter reach, 8-kilogram version is ideal for integration with arc welding equipment, while the 1.85-meter reach, 15-kilogram model features a flexible conduit optimized for material handling and machine tending tasks.

Streamlined Programming:


  • Integrated Dressing (ID) simplifies the creation of offline programs by providing predictable control over the movements of hoses and cables. This reduces the time required for fine-tuning programs and enables a quicker start to production. Overall programming time can be reduced by up to 90%.

Lower Cost of Ownership:


  • Securely housing and protecting hoses and cables results in less swinging during operation and reduced exposure to welding spatter or cutting fluids, significantly extending their lifespan.
  • Costs related to hose and cable purchases, as well as welding torch replacements, can be slashed by up to 75%, and up to three production stops per year can be eliminated.

Enhanced Output in Compact Spaces:


  • The IRB 2600ID boasts a compact design with integrated hoses and cables, featuring a minimal swing base radius of only 337 mm and a base width of just 511 mm.
  • This compactness allows for the placement of the robot closer to the machines it serves in material handling and machine tending applications.
  • In arc welding scenarios, reduced interference risk with other robots enables productive high-density installations with up to 50% more robots and a potential 50% boost in production output. Thus, the IRB 2600ID maximizes productivity within limited production space.

Greater Agility in Confined Areas:


  • The robot's slim wrist, measuring only 227 x 130 mm, facilitates easy access to narrow openings and complex movements.
  • In arc welding applications, this means the IRB 2600ID can perform continuous circular welds without interruptions, maintaining high-quality standards and shorter cycle times to enhance production output.

Main Applications:


  • The IRB 2600ID excels in machine tending, material handling, and arc welding tasks.
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