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  • Fanuc M-20iD/12L

Fanuc M-20iD/12L

The FANUC M-20iD/12L is a high-performance robot designed for precision handling tasks. Its compact arm and wrist make it an ideal choice for loading and unloading machines, as well as parts handling and positioning, even in crowded factory environments. With an extended active stroke of 2272 mm, it offers a generous working envelope, and its improved design and drive train deliver higher axis speeds and motion performance.


This robot excels in terms of rigidity, providing improved repeatability with an impressive tolerance of ± 0.02 mm. To enhance reliability and prevent snagging, cable routing is internal. The M-20iD/25 combines performance with reliability, resulting in increased throughput and higher profitability. It's easy to install and boasts low running costs.



REACH 2272mm


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