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  • Cognex In-sight 8000
  • Cognex In-sight 8000

Cognex In-sight 8000

Features of In-Sight 8000 Vision Systems

This family of standalone and ultra-compact vision systems delivers industry-leading vision tool performance with a traditional GigE vision camera. With dimensions of only 35 mm x 32 mm x 76 mm, all models in the In-Sight 8000 series feature Power over Ethernet (POE) and provide the optimal choice for standalone vision systems when integrating into tight spaces.

As the world's smallest standalone vision system, the In-Sight 8000 series offers a range of monochrome and color vision systems with resolutions from 0.3MP to 5MP. Supporting high-speed Gigabit Ethernet communications, these vision systems deliver rapid image captures and two performance levels to meet a diverse range of artificial vision demands.

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