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  • Cognex In-sight 3800
  • Cognex In-sight 3800

Cognex In-sight 3800

An "all-in-one" vision system that caters to all your vision needs High speed, high resolution, high flexibility. The In-Sight 3800 has it all.

This advanced vision system provides a powerful yet user-friendly solution for automated inspections. By incorporating a comprehensive set of robust rule-based tools and innovative Edge Learning technology, the In-Sight 3800 addresses a wide range of manufacturing applications, from defect detection and assembly verification to character reading and beyond. It also enables you to:

Perform more inspections in less time – Maximize throughput with high-speed processing and quick setup. Enhance the accuracy of your results – Generate high-resolution, high-contrast images that detect even the subtlest defects. Scale your solution seamlessly – Tackle jobs, whether simple or complex, using a common software platform.

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