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  • ABB IRB 5350 Pintura

ABB IRB 5350 Pintura

El robot de pintura IRB 5350 es un producto de ABB, una empresa líder en robótica y automatización industrial. Este robot está diseñado para asistir a otros robots de pintura en la aplicación de pintura en el interior de automóviles, abriendo y cerrando puertas de manera rápida y precisa. Es un asistente robótico compacto y eficiente que mejora la productividad y la calidad de las operaciones de pintura en el interior de automóviles.

  • The IRB 5350 painting robot offers several notable features and capabilities:

    1. Dual Versions: It is available in both three-axis and four-axis versions, providing flexibility for different painting applications, including stop-and-go and mobile in-line solutions.
    2. Robust Protection: With an IP66 protection rating, the robot is resistant to dust and water, making it suitable for use in demanding industrial environments.
    3. Payload Capacity: The robot can handle a maximum load of 7 kg, allowing it to perform painting tasks effectively.
    4. Precision: It offers a high position repeatability of 0.02 mm, ensuring accurate and consistent paint application.
    5. Speed: The robot is capable of rapid movement with a rail axis speed of up to 1920 mm/s, enabling it to cover the entire spray booth efficiently.
    6. Advanced Technology: It utilizes ABB's QuickMove™ / TrueMove™ technology, which optimizes its performance for tasks like door opening cycles, achieving faster and precise movements.
    7. Controller: The robot is controlled by the IRC5P robot controller, which is capable of managing multiple ABB painting robots. This facilitates integration and programming, enhancing overall system efficiency.

    These features make the IRB 5350 a valuable asset in automotive painting applications, improving productivity and paint quality in the manufacturing process.

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