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Mobile Platform

Lifting and rotating platform


Key features:

  • Maximum payload capacity of 300 KG

  • Ability to lift and rotate the top module

  • Runtime of 8 hours

  • Option to deploy autonomously or collaborate as part of a fleet

  • Dynamic Avoidance for obstacle detection and avoidance

  • Equipped with LIDAR, with the option for a QR Code Reader and 3D Vision (Optional) for enhanced functionality.

The Youibot L300 lifting platform offers a lightweight and versatile solution, specifically designed for warehouses or manufacturing facilities with narrow passageways. Despite its compact size, the L300 has a remarkable maximum load capacity of 300 kg, making it well-suited for various material handling tasks.

Featuring a lift deck module, the L300 can raise objects to a maximum height of 60 mm and rotate fully within a 360-degree range. This functionality allows for efficient and flexible handling of goods, even in confined spaces.

Safety is a top priority in the design of the L300. It comes equipped with a LIDAR scanner, ensuring comprehensive safety measures for both the platform and its surroundings. This scanner plays a crucial role in enabling safe and reliable autonomous operation around the clock.

Incorporated into the L300, the YOUI Battery Management System (BMS) enables automated docking to a charging station. When deployed as part of an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) fleet, the BMS can schedule the charging timeline for each individual robot. This intelligent charging management system ensures continuous operation on the warehouse or factory floor, maximizing productivity and efficiency.

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