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KR CYBERTECH nano ARC KR 8 R1440-2 arc HW


Robots that are adaptable and economical for uses including laser cutting, bonding, application gluing, and gas-shielded welding.
The industrial robots of the KR CYBERTECH nano ARC series have incredibly high route accuracy and are exceptionally quick thanks to the innovative controller architecture. Even at the deepest point of the component, the largest degree of path displacements is possible thanks to the acceleration values and the new ergonomic design without interfering shapes. You may choose the perfect robot model for your application with extremely precise gradations of the load capacity between 6 and 8 kg.


Number of axes: 6
Maximum payload: 8 kg
Maximum reach: 1441 mm
Pose repeatability: ± 0,04 mm
Controller: KR C5
Type of protection (IEC 60529) IP65
Type of protection central wrist (IEC 60529) IP54
Mounting Position(s): Angle, Wall, Floor, Ceiling


Axis 1: ±170 °
Axis 2: -185 ° / 65 °
Axis 3: -119 ° / 181 °
Axis 4: ±165 °
Axis 5: -115 ° / 140 °
Axis 6: ±350 °


Axis 1: 220 °/s
Axis 2: 210 °/s
Axis 3: 270 °/s
Axis 4: 430 °/s
Axis 5: 430 °/s
Axis 6: 628 °/s


Protective gas welding
Cutting / Separating
Application / Painting / Bonding
Machine loading and unloading

KR CYBERTECH nano ARC KR 8 R1440-2 arc HW

Industrial robots are light, slim and compact, providing maximum performance with minimal interference contours. CYBERTECH nano ARC KRs have a large rear working area and a large downward reach, allowing access to previously unexplored working areas. High flexibility is achieved through the use of a modern KUKA control unit..

CYBERTECH nano ARC KR robots are highly accurate and have a point repetition accuracy of 0.04 millimeters. They have simplified integration with uniform mounting surfaces and assembly of welding equipment. The KUKA Hollow Wrist-Hand is a 50-millimeter hollow-axis wrist that enables reduced movement of the main axis with short cycle times and high motion accuracy. The robot is protected against uncontrolled electrostatic charge or discharge and is equipped to ensure safe handling of sensitive electronic components.

For trajectory applications such shielded gas welding, adhesive and sealing media applications, the KR CYBERTECH nano ARC product line is well-suited. For maximum profitability at the lowest possible cost, industrial robots provide the best performance and great power density. According to your needs, you may install the robot on the floor, a wall, a ceiling, or even at an angle. Long-term TCO is decreased because to digital motion modes, which make it simple to modify the robot's performance via the robot control unit. These robots can optimize space in robot cells because of their tiny footprint and compact design, which make them suitable for compact cells.

KUKA KRC5 control unit

The new KR C5 controller shows us a new smart production concept taking it to a whole new level. KUKA's newest platform for robot controllers delivers space savings, high-efficiency performance, and resource conservation. As a result, it may be effortlessly incorporated into a variety of automation environments.Reduced hardware and energy needs enable more applications to be developed with the highest possible efficiency. And, owing to the open platform design's interconnectedness, data becomes valuable information.

Features of the KR C5

Durable hardware with modular cabinet system• Ethernet and digital I / O interfaces, compatible with various cloud systems• Easy installation, low total cost of ownership• Wide range of options and possibilities for hardware expansion• Control platform for software products and digital services, Smart production level.

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