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ABB introduced the SWIFTITM CRB 1100 collaborative robot or cobot in 2023. It is a super-fast cobot with state-of-the-art safety features and industrial-grade performance. You won't believe how quickly and accurately SWIFTI completes tasks. SWIFTI bridges the gap between collaborative robotics and industrial robotics, enabling safe collaboration in situations that require industrial-grade speed and lifting power.


SWIFTI is a collaborative robot that uses ABB's SafeMove safety functionality and a safety laser scanner to ensure safe collaboration. It can be configured and programmed using external guidance devices, the Wizard Easy Programming software or the SafeMove graphical configuration application on the FlexPendant. With a maximum tool center point speed of more than 5 m/s and position repeatability of up to 10 times, SWIFTI is the best choice for industrial robots.


Work as a team with the OmniCore controller offers a higher degree of communication through its numerous Ethernet, USB and serial interfaces, as well as its four integrated air sources for vacuum pickup. The OmniCore controller also supports the most popular communication protocols such as Profibus, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT and Profinet.


  • The ABB OmniCore controller is a device that allows you to control and program industrial robots flexibly, efficiently and safely. Is ideal for a wide range of high-precision applications such as material handling, machine loading and unloading, picking and packing, palletizing, arc welding, spot welding, laser welding, dispensing, cutting and assembly.

    • It offers best-in-class motion control, combining TrueMove and QuickMove functions, which ensure high speed, accuracy and repeatability of robot trajectories.
    • It has built-in digital connectivity that allows it to access the ABB Ability™ platform and connected services, which offer actionable intelligence and predictive maintenance. It also has an IoT gateway that facilitates data transmission and supports OPC UA and MQTT protocols.
    • More than 1000 scalable functions are available to suit the needs of each application, such as RobotWare, SafeMove, externally guided motion, stop position simulation, easy programming with wizard, Robot Control Mate and vision.
    • Consumes up to 20% less energy than previous ABB IRC5 controllers, thanks to electrical regeneration and brake energy recovery technology.
    • It incorporates the SafeMove system, which enables safe collaboration between people and robots, eliminating the need for costly, rigid metal fences. SafeMove also makes it possible to build compact cells and factories, optimizing space and resources.
    • It includes a FlexPendant programming unit, which has a larger, more intuitive touch screen, faster touch time and response, and a hot-swappable design, allowing the FlexPendant to be shared among multiple robots, speeding commissioning and reducing costs.
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