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Unfortunately, we do not handle integrations. We only distribute robots and personalised solutions.

Nevertheless, we maintain an extensive network of collaborators. Our approach involves providing turnkey solutions to local integrators, ensuring you receive superior service and a more familiar experience.

Do you integrate?

Our main warehouse is located in Spain, specifically in Zamudio, which is just 5 minutes away from Bilbao. You can visit our warehouse to see the quality of our robots. Additionally, we have partners worldwide, and you can find samples of our robots in their showrooms.
Address: Polígono Ugaldeguren III, nº 32, Pabellón 1, 48170 Zamudio, Vizcaya, Spain

Where are we?

In REPROBOTS we offer robotic solutions that can help you save up to 60% compared to buying a new robot. Used robots provide an opportunity to recoup the cost of a robotic system in a shorter timeframe, typically within 17 to 19 months. Used robots from Eurobots are a cost-effective solution that can reduce production expenses.

Why buy a used robot?

Clients often inquire about our used robot inspection process. Here's an overview of what we check during our inspection:

  • Robot Arm Unit: We change or replace oil or grease.

  • Belts: We perform a thorough check of the belts.

  • Wrist Malfunctions: We inspect for any malfunctions in the wrist.

  • Motor Axes: We check all 6 or 4 motor axes.

  • Internal and External Components: We inspect both internal and external components to ensure the robot's quality and performance.

What is the inspection process?

REPROBOTS has earned the trust of its clients through exceptional service. We sell numerous robots each year, thanks to our commitment to meeting client needs, offering competitive prices, and ensuring swift operations.
Specifically, we emphasize quality-price: REPROBOTS sells high-quality used robots at competitive prices. We exclusively deal with the best brands in the industry.

What sets us apart from other sellers?

We are a Spanish company that specializes in selling used robots on a global scale. We both buy and refurbish used robots, offering quality solutions and trade for major robot brands, including KUKA, ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, Kawasaki, and many others. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.


Pick and Place Robots are designed for the repetitive task of picking up objects from one location and placing them in another. They are particularly useful in industries where loading and unloading products involve strenuous labor.
These robots offer a cost-effective alternative to manual labor and are developed to improve efficiency and reduce production costs.

What are Pick and Place Robots?

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