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KR CYBERTECH nano robots of light workload made for handling small components, assemblies, palletized and welding with gas protection. has a central thin wrist of 67 mm of radio which can work with long distances in remote work zones offering a great peformance due to its accuracy of 0,04 mm for difficult tasks at high speeds. Wide array for assembly positions and for industrial applications.

  • The newer Kuka controller

    The KR C4 provides a stable base for the tomorrow's automatization.  Reduced costs thanks to automatization. Efficiency and flexibility for a long term while the systems enhance at the same time.

    As a result of this, KUKA has developed a brand new systematic and structured functions focused on standart open data,  all integrated controllers. from SafetyControl, RobotControl y MotionControl to LogicControl and ProcessControl have a shared data base and infrastructure used in a more secure, flexible, stronger and above all smarter way.

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