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  • Jaka Zu 7s

Jaka Zu 7s

The JAKA Zu 7s is a compact and flexible 6-jointed robotic arm designed for a variety of industrial applications. Here are some key specifications and features of the JAKA Zu 7s:


  • Payload Capacity: The JAKA Zu 7s has a payload capacity of 7 kilograms. This means it can handle objects or tools weighing up to 7 kg during its operations.


  • Working Radius: It offers a working radius of 819mm. The working radius is the distance from the center of the robot to the end of its arm, determining its reach within a workspace.


  • Force Sensing: The cobot is equipped with an industrial force sensor, which can be installed at its base or at its end. This force sensing capability allows the robot to "feel" its environment and respond to surrounding forces.


  • Force Control Algorithm: The force control algorithm enables the Zu 7s to utilize the data from the force sensor for various force control options, including constant force, normal tracking, and 'speed mode.' This gives it the ability to perform tasks with precision and adaptability.


  • Safety Features: The built-in force control module ensures safety during operations. When an external force exceeds a designated security value, the cobot stops applying more force, preventing collisions and ensuring precision in applications. This feature enhances both safety and accuracy.


  • Flexible Mounting: The Zu 7s can be mounted at any angle without the need for safety fences. This flexibility in mounting allows for collaborative work with human operators and makes it suitable for tasks on complex surfaces, inspection, fragile assembly, testing, and more.


  • Application Range: The JAKA Zu 7s is ideal for various applications that require precision, adaptability, and force sensing. It is well-suited for tasks involving complex surfaces, inspection processes, handling fragile objects, and performing testing operations.


Overall, the JAKA Zu 7s is designed to provide a compact and versatile automation solution for industries that require precise, adaptable, and safe robotic operations in their manufacturing and assembly processes. Its force sensing and control capabilities make it particularly well-suited for applications where interaction with the environment is essential.

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