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  • Jaka Zu 7

Jaka Zu 7

The JAKA Zu 7 is another collaborative robot (cobot) designed for industrial applications. Here are some key specifications and features of the JAKA Zu 7:


Payload Capacity: The JAKA Zu 7 has an impressive payload capacity of 7 kilograms. This means it can handle objects or tools weighing up to 7 kg during its operations.

Durability: The cobot is designed for extended and continuous operation. It is stated to be capable of working non-stop for up to 50,000 hours. This durability is particularly useful for applications that involve heavy and repetitive tasks.


Working Radius: It offers a working radius of 819mm. The working radius is the distance from the center of the robot to the end of its arm, and it determines the reach of the robot.


Application Range: The JAKA Zu 7 is suitable for a wide range of repetitive tasks, including welding, packaging, palletizing, picking and placing objects, and more. Its high payload capacity makes it versatile and capable of handling heavier objects or performing tasks that require more force.


Flexible Mounting: Just like the Jaka Zu 5, the Zu 7 can be mounted at various angles and orientations, including on horizontal surfaces, vertical surfaces, slopes, or even suspended from above. This flexibility in mounting allows it to adapt to different workspace configurations.


Industry Applications: The JAKA Zu 7 is well-suited for several industries, including the automotive, 3C electronics (consumer electronics), advanced manufacturing, renewable energy, medical devices, chemical, and synthetic fibers industries. However, it can also find applications in many other industries where automation of physically demanding tasks is needed.


Overall, the JAKA Zu 7 cobot is designed to provide a durable, high-payload automation solution for a wide range of industries, allowing it to perform physically intensive tasks while freeing up human workers for more complex or less physically demanding tasks in a smart factory or manufacturing environment.

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