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  • JAKA Zu 5s

JAKA Zu 5s

Small, compact and light, the JAKA Zu 5s cobot can handle a payload of 5kg, within a working radius of 954mm. It possesses a high level of accuracy, thanks to an in-built industrial force sensor, paired with a force control algorithm.


Together with the 6-axis design of the arm, the additional sensor at the base or end allows the cobot to ‘feel’ and impact its surroundings with more accuracy. There are three force control solutions available to make the most of this fact, achieving full-arm collision detection and control: constant force, normal tracking and speed mode.


This detection system also means that its interactions are tri-co: coexisting, cooperative and cognitive. As a result, there’s no need for safety fences. The Zu 5s is ready for advanced, genuinely natural human-robot interaction.


All this make JAKA Zu 5s perfect for various applications such as polishing, sanding, testing, PCB assembly and more.

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