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  • Jaka Zu 3

Jaka Zu 3

The JAKA Zu 3 is a cutting-edge collaborative robot (cobot) designed for human-robot collaboration in industrial applications. Here are some key features and capabilities of the JAKA Zu 3:


  • User-Friendly Programming: The cobot is equipped with drag and graphic programming, making it easy for users to teach and program tasks. This user-friendly interface simplifies the setup and operation of the robot.


  • Built-in Torque Feedback: Safety is a top priority, and the JAKA Zu 3 incorporates built-in torque feedback. This feature ensures safe operation regardless of how much of its 3 kg payload capacity is being used. Safety mechanicsms help prevent accidents and collisions with humans or objects in its workspace.


  • Versatile Applications: The cobot is well-suited for a variety of tasks, including screwdriving, electronic assembly, small surface pick and place, and other tasks related to production lines and maintenance.


  • Flexible Mounting Options: The JAKA Zu 3 offers flexible mounting options, allowing it to be installed in various orientations. It can be fixed on a slant, upside-down, or even vertically, providing adaptability to different manufacturing environments and requirements.


  • Compact Size: With its compact design, the cobot is ideal for use in 3C electronics manufacturing (Consumer Electronics, Computers, and Communication devices) and advanced manufacturing industries where space may be limited.


Overall, the JAKA Zu 3 is designed to enhance automation capabilities in industrial settings while prioritizing safety and ease of use. It can assist with a wide range of tasks and offers versatility in terms of installation options.

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