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  • Jaka Pro 12

Jaka Pro 12

The JAKA Pro 12 is a rugged and versatile robotic arm designed to excel in industrial environments where high protection against environmental elements is essential. Here are some key features and characteristics of the JAKA Pro 12:


  • IP68 Grade Protection: The JAKA Pro 12 is equipped with IP68 grade protection, which certifies its exceptional resistance to dust, water, and oil. This level of protection ensures that the robot can operate reliably in demanding conditions, including outdoor settings with exposure to wind and rain or indoor environments with frequent oil splashes.


  • Temperature Tolerance: The robot is engineered to withstand a wide range of temperatures, making it suitable for environments where extreme temperatures are a challenge. It can operate in conditions as cold as -10°C and as hot as 50°C. This temperature resilience allows it to perform in environments that may be uncomfortable or unsafee for human workers.


  • Working Radius: The JAKA Pro 12 offers a substantial working radius of 1327mm. The working radius is the distance from the center of the robot to the end of its arm, determining its reach within a workspace. This large working radius makes it well-suited for tasks that require a broad range of motion, such as metal cutting, grinding, and machine tending.


  • Payload Capacity: The robot has a payload capacity of 12 kilograms, enabling it to handle heavy loads. This capability is particularly valuable for applications involving metal cutting, where tools and materials may be substantial.


  • Industry Applications: The JAKA Pro 12 is suitable for a wide range of industries, including metalwork, auto parts production, 3C electronics manufacturing, agriculture, and more. It excels in tasks that may involve metal shavings, sawdust, oils, or other liquids commonly found in industrial settings.


Overall, the JAKA Pro 12 is designed to provide a durable and versatile automation solution for industries that require both environmental resilience and the ability to handle heavy-duty tasks. Its IP68 protection, wide temperature tolerance, and robust payload capacity make it well-suited for a variety of industrial applications.

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