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  • IRB1660ID
  • IRB1660ID


  • High-performance ID robot designed for arc welding and machine tending.
  • ABB's IRB 1660ID is the preferred choice when you need shorter cycle times, exceptional versatility, and a compact yet powerful wrist.

Outstanding Weld Quality:


  • The demand for superior quality in arc welding has grown, necessitating better wire feeding control near the welding arc to ensure high-volume production.
  • The IRB 1660ID boasts a more robust and rigid upper arm capable of lifting up to 6 kg to support heavier torches.
  • This, coupled with ABB's TrueMoveTM technology and the new "Accuracy mode" motion process, delivers a remarkable 0.05 mm path repeatability for impeccable welding results.

Safe Robot Movements Enable High-Density Cells:


  • Leveraging RobotStudio®, ABB's premier offline robot software programming tool, the IRB 1660ID allows robot programmers to envision high-density cells where multiple robots can weld closely together while minimizing workpiece heat distortions.
  • RobotStudio simulations ensure secure robot movements with maximum speed and accelerations, guaranteeing predictable and minimal cycle times.
  • These high-density cells can optimize your production output, deliver top-quality parts, and operate with unparalleled reliability.

Up to 10% Shorter Cycle Times:


  • The IRB 1660ID's new compact wrist, equipped with powerful motors, facilitates swift and dependable movements without hindering cable movement, enabling maximum acceleration and speed at all times.
  • Combined with ABB's QuickMoveTM technology, the IRB 1660ID can reduce cycle times by up to 10% compared to competitors.

Fast, Agile, and Reliable for Machine Tending:


  • The robot's compact and hollow wrist ensures rapid and reliable movements, allowing it to operate at maximum acceleration and speed without damaging the Integrated DressPack.
  • It eliminates the risk of collisions in confined spaces and offers exceptional agility within CNC machines, thanks to a combined working range of axes 4, 5, and 6 totaling 1,390°.
  • The IP67 wrist, cable protection from water, and controlled movements result in up to 50% lower maintenance costs and an extended lifespan.

Simplified Online Programming:


  • Online programming is made easier through full control of hose packages or cables, a compact 135 mm wrist for faster re-orientations, and 0.30 mm TCP reorientation accuracy (requires the absolute accuracy option) for precise corner re-orientations.

Main Applications:


  • Arc welding
  • Machine tending
  • Material handling
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