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  • IRB 7600

IRB 7600

Boasting a variety of configurations and an impressive handling capacity of up to 630 kg, the IRB 7600 proves itself as an ideal choice for substantial applications across various industries. It has rightfully earned the moniker of "Power Robot" thanks to its exceptional characteristics, including a high available torque, formidable inertia handling capabilities, a robust design, and remarkable acceleration.


Key Benefits:


  • High Production Uptime: The IRB 7600 ensures extended production uptime, contributing to increased overall efficiency.

  • Short Cycle Times: With its agility and speed, this robot excels at achieving short cycle times, enhancing productivity.

  • Harsh Production Environment: Designed to withstand harsh production environments, the IRB 7600 maintains its performance and reliability even in challenging conditions.

  • Flexible Integration and Production: This robot offers flexibility in both integration into existing systems and adaptability to various production needs.

  • Consistent Parts Quality: The IRB 7600 delivers consistent quality in handling and processing parts, contributing to overall product excellence.


Key Features: The IRB 7600 finds its utility in a wide range of heavy-duty applications, spanning different industries. It can efficiently handle tasks such as maneuvering heavy fixtures and parts, rotating car bodies, lifting engines, operating in foundries or forges, and loading/unloading machine cells. Moreover, it is capable of lifting substantial pallet layers with ease.


With its impressive moment of inertia, the IRB 7600 excels in managing heavy and bulky components, making it a versatile choice for a multitude of applications.


Safety in Handling Heavy Loads: Handling payloads of up to 500 kg can pose safety challenges for both personnel and expensive equipment. In response, ABB has developed SafeMove2, a safety-certified robot supervision solution that ensures the safety of personnel and equipment. It incorporates advanced safety features such as safe speed limits, vigilant standstill monitorring, secure axis ranges, and precise position and orientation supervision.


Enhanced Flexibility with LeanID Dress Pack: The IRB 7600 is available with the LeanID Dress Pack option, enhancing its versatility for applications requiring complex wrist movements and adaptability to product changes.


Overall, the IRB 7600 facilitates collaboration between robots and factory workers while offering space-saving solutions on the factory floor, all at a cost-effective total investment.

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