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  • IRB 6720

IRB 6720

Wide range for greater choice


These large robots are based on the same groundbreaking modular design, with standardized components across all large robot platforms, including the base, lower arm, and upper arm. All of the robots now have the same footprint, enabling faster, more convenient, and more flexible installation when changing robots in different production lines.


Robot variants: 


  • IRB 6720-240/2.65
  • IRB 6720-210/2.8
  • IRB 6720-170/3.1
  • IRB 6720-215/2.5 LID
  • IRB 6720-215/2.65 LID
  • IRB 6720-200/2.8 LID
  • IRB 6720-150/3.1 LID

Looking for other payload and reach? Check out the IRB 6710, IRB 6730, IRB 6740.

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