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  • IRB 6710

IRB 6710

Expanding its range of large robots, ABB Robotics introduces four new models with 22 variations to provide customers with increased options, broader coverage, and enhanced performance. This next generation includes the IRB 6710, IRB 6720, IRB 6730, and IRB 6740, catering to payloads ranging from 150kg to 310kg and offering a reach from 2.5m to 3.2m. These additions give customers more flexibility and deliver significant improvements in both performance and energy efficiency.


These large robots address the growing need for versatility and flexibility among customers, facilitating consistent and resilient operations across various industries, including automotive, electric vehicles, general industries, foundries, construction, metalworking, electronics, food and beverage, and logistics.


Wide Range for Enhanced Choice: All these large robots share a groundbreaking modular design, with standardized components across all large robot platforms, including the base, lower arm, and upper arm. Importantly, they now have the same footprint, simplifying and expediting installation when switching robots between different production lines.


Robot Variants:


  • IRB 6710-210/2.65
  • IRB 6710-200/2.95
  • IRB 6710-175/2.65 LID
  • IRB 6710-175/2.95 LID

Seeking higher payload and reach? Explore the IRB 6720, IRB 6730, and IRB 6740.

Up to 20% Energy Savings: In line with the commitment to sustainable operations, these large robots consume up to 20% less energy. This achievement stems from their lean design, which is up to 10% lighter, and the innovative energy-saving power grid feedback solution offered by the OmniCore™ controller.


Unprecedented Performance with OmniCore™: Powered by the OmniCore™ controller and RobotWare, these large robots offer exceptional motion control. ABB's TrueMove ensures heightened accuracy, QuickMove provides high-speed capabilities, and SafeMove ensures safe collaboration. These robots achieve peak performance, with outstanding pose repeatability of 0.03 mm, path repeatability of 0.08 mm, impressive cycle times, and superior stiffness. These enhancements boost productivity by enabling the production of more items in less time.


Built for Harsh Environments: These robots are engineered to operate in demanding conditions and can be equipped with Foundry Plus protection.


Applications: These robots are well-suited for a wide range of applications, including material handling, high-precision assembly, spot welding, laser welding, dispensing and gluing, and machine tending. In the automotive sector, they support various tasks, including EV battery production, high-precision car body assembly, spot welding, and the ability to access confined spaces within vehicles for tasks like installing dashboards or seats.

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