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  • IRB 6700

IRB 6700

Introducing the 7th generation of large industrial robots 


The IRB 6700 family. These robots represent a natural progression in ABB's legacy of 40 years in the field of large robots. This latest iteration is the culmination of extensive engineering studies and close collaboration with customers, resulting in a range of next-generation improvements.


Key Features: The IRB 6700 family stands as the pinnacle of performance in the 150-300 kilogram class of robots. It achieves a remarkable 20 per cent reduction in total cost of ownership through a more robust design, extended service intervals, improved efficiency, and simplified maintenance compared to its predecessor.


Diverse Variants: This robot family enriches ABB's portfolio by offering increased uptime, higher payload capacities, and extended reach for applications in Spot Welding, Material Handling, and Machine Tending across automotive and general industries.


These robots come in various configurations with payloads ranging from 150 to 300 kg, reaches spanning 2.6 to 3.2 meters, and are available in both floor-mounted and inverted versions.


Robust and Reliable: The entire robot structure has been fortified to enhance rigidity, leading to improved precision, shorter cycle times, and better protection. Designed to withstand challenging working environments, it can be equipped with ABB's advanced Foundry Plus 2 protection system. Extensive validation and testing with multiple robot prototypes ensure the predicted reliability holds true in real-world scenarios.


Streamlined Maintenance: Simplified serviceability plays a pivotal role in reducing the total cost of ownership. Service and repair times have been reduced by 15 percent. Accessibility to motors has been enhanced, and maintenance technical documentation is now more user-friendly, featuring improved graphics and 3D simulations known as "Simstructions."


Built for LeanID: Each robot in the 6700 family is designed to accommodate LeanID—an Integrated Dressing (ID) solution that strikes a balance between cost and durability by integrating the most exposed parts of the dress pack into the robot. Equipping an IRB 6700 with LeanID simplifies programming and simulation, ensures predictable cable movements, reduces footprint, and extends service intervals by minimizing wear and tear.


Features and Benefits:


  • Longer service intervals and reduced service times
  • Increased uptime with a mean time between failures of 400,000 hours
  • Option for Lean ID to cost-effectively extend dress pack lifetimes
  • Enhanced robustness with a rigid structure and advanced motors and gearboxes
  • Improved speed and shorter cycle times, averaging 5 percent faster
  • Enhanced precision and higher payload capacity
  • Engineered to thrive in challenging environments, with the option of the Foundry Plus 2 package
  • 15 percent lower power consumption
  • The IRB 6700 family offers 10 variants, including both floor-mounted and inverted versions.

OmniCore V250XT Controller: Powered by the versatile OmniCore V250XT controller, these robots excel in material handling, machine tending, and assembly tasks.

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