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  • IRB 6650

IRB 6650

The IRB 6650S represents a shelf robot within the Power Robot family, boasting a distinctive working range. It exhibits both vertical and horizontal motion capabilities, along with extended forward and downward reach. This versatile combination opens up new horizons for various robotic applications.


Key Features: The IRB 6650S is a dependable robot with high production uptime, quick cycle times, and robust performance. Its primary applications encompass machine tending, material handling, spot welding, and die casting.


Material Handling: Thanks to its extended forward and downward reach when placed on an elevated track, the IRB 6650S can oversee twice as many inlet conveyors with varying part sizes compared to conventional ceiling or wall-mounted tracks with 5- or 6-axis robots. In contrast to an inverted track with a 5-axis robot, the track length required for the IRB 6650S can be significantly shorter, simplifying installation and reducing overall costs.


Injection Molding: The IRB 6650S is well-suited for large injection molding machines exceeding 1,000 tons. Its six-axis flexibility facilitates post-processing tasks such as flaming and assembly operations.


Die Casting: Its unique working envelope provides easy access for die spraying and part handling. The robot arm system also safeguards process cabling, enhancing the longevity of the cabling.


Spot Welding: The IRB 6650S offers the potential to enhance robot density in framing stations by positioning robots at different levels. Standard IRB 6700 robots can be floor-mounted, while the IRB 6650S is placed approximately 1.5-2 meters above floor level. This setup allows standard robots to handle spot welding at the lower part of the car body, while the IRB 6650S takes care of the upper part, optimizing space utilization in the framing cell.


Press Tending: Capable of handling exceptionally large sheets, including entire car body sides, the IRB 6650S boasts a substantial working area that enables easy robot retraction from the press, even with large grippers and parts. Its high acceleration power, combined with a unique range of horizontal and vertical motion, significantly reduces cycle times and boosts production capacity. The area below the robot provides an excellent opportunity for rapid gripper tool changes.


LeanID Dress Pack: The IRB 6650S can be equipped with the LeanID Dress Pack option, enhancing its flexibility in executing complex wrist movements, especially in scenarios requiring frequent product changes.


Primary Applications:


  • Machine Tending
  • Material Handling
  • Spot Welding
  • Die Casting

The IRB 6650S is compatible with IRC5 or OmniCore V250XT controllers.

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