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  • IRB 1200 Hygienic

IRB 1200 Hygienic

Hygienic Design


The IRB 1200 Hygienic robot offers two cleaning options to ensure a high level of cleanliness. The first is wipe-down cleaning, suitable for low-care food packaging environments. The second involves a protective cover and wash-down cleaning, designed for high-care food processing and packing settings.


In the Food and beverage sector, these hygienic features are instrumental in promoting food safety during primary packaging and hygienic food processing. They find applications in handling products like meat, poultry, fish, and fresh produce. In the Food Service sector, these features contribute to food safety during food handling and assembly tasks in quick-service restaurants, kiosks, and high-volume central kitchens.


Ease of Cleaning


For low-care applications, the IRB 1200 Hygienic robot is easy to clean and can be wiped down using a specified cleaning detergent and a lint-free cloth.

In high-care applications, a protective cover can be installed on the robot body, and the stainless steel axis 6 flange, with an IP69K rating (up to 30 bar pressure), can be cleaned following a defined cleaning regimen using specified washdown detergents and sanitizers.


Hygienic Protection


The robot's axis 6 tool flange is made of stainless steel, offering durability and hygiene. It features an IP67-rated full body and IP69k-rated axis 6 flange, providing protection against water, liquids, and solid contaminants. This ensures stable and contamination-free production. Additionally, NSF H1 Food Grade Oil is used throughout the robot to meet the stringent requirements of the Food & Beverage and Food Service sectors.


PickMaster® Twin


PickMaster Twin is the leading robotic software for vision-guided random flow picking and packing applications. It utilizes digital twin technology, which significantly enhances productivity by reducing commissioning times from days to hours and changeover times from hours to minutes.


Powered by OmniCore Controllers


The IRB 1200 is powered by OmniCore controllers, with the OmniCore C30 controller being a compact option. Its 19-inch rack and vertical mounting kits, along with its reduced volume, maximize user-friendliness and optimize control panel space.

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