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  • IRB 120

IRB 120

The IRB 1200 robot family offers versatility through two variants capable of handling a wide range of applications. Both variants are adaptable for mounting at any angle and come with standard IP 40 protection. Additionally, both versions offer options such as Food Grade Lubrication, SafeMove, Foundry Plus 2, and a Clean Room option. The 700 mm reach variant has a payload capacity of up to 7 kg, while the longer 900 mm reach variant can handle payloads of up to 5 kg.


Food Grade Lubrication and Clean Room Options


The Food Grade Lubrication option, compliant with NSF H1 standards, combines Clean Room ISO class 3 and an IP67 protection rating to ensure uncompromising safety and hygiene for food and beverage applications. The Clean Room ISO Class 3 design eliminates the risk of contaminating food handling areas. This option provides smooth surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain, particularly in environments like CNC machine tending and material handling within the food industry. Consequently, it results in features that allow for 15% smaller workspaces with 10% shorter cycle times.


Compact Design


The IRB 1200 distinguishes itself with its absence of an offset in axis two, resulting in a longer stroke compared to other small robots. This feature enables the robot to be placed very close to the workpiece while maintaining functionality. This is particularly advantageous for compact installations, such as ceiling-mounted setups within small cells, as seen in applications like electronics machining or polishing. The robot's ability to provide a large usable working area within a compact package translates to shorter cycles and more space-efficient machinery.

Features and Benefits

  • 15% reduction in workspace size with 10% shorter cycle times
  • Available with Food Grade Lubrication
  • Optional SafeMove functionality
  • Available with Foundry Plus 2 protection for harsh environments
  • Standard IP40 protection, with Clean Room, IP67, and Foundry Plus 2 protection options
  • Internal routing of 4 air ducts, 10 customer signals, and Ethernet from wrist flange to foot
  • Mountable at any angle
  • Large usable working area in a compact footprint

The IRB 1200 is compatible with OmniCore C30 compact, C90XT rugged compact, or IRC5 controllers, offering flexibility to suit various operational requirements.

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