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  • ABB IRB 1010
  • ABB IRB 1010

ABB IRB 1010

A compact yet highly capable robot has been developed to align with the prevailing trend of producing miniature electronics and wearable gadgets. The IRB 1010 robot boasts an impressive payload capacity of 1.5kg, outstanding repeatability with a precision of 0.01mm, and a reduced size by 30%. These features collectively empower it to achieve exceptional productivity and maintain high-quality manufacturing even within exceptionally confined spaces.

As the global demand for smart wearable devices like sensors, watches, earphones, glasses, sports equipment, and health trackers continues to surge, there is a growing need for smaller and more efficient robots among manufacturers. ABB's IRB 1010, the company's smallest industrial robot to date, has been meticulously engineered to address this requirement. It excels in swiftly and accurately managing intricate manufacturing tasks that involve handling small and fragile components.

Furthermore, the IRB 1010 serves as an excellent choice for educational purposes. Its compact design enables easy installation on classroom desks, while its inherent simplicity allows both educators and students to rapidly acquire the skills necessary for programming and operating the robot.



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