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  • ABB GoFa™ CRB 15000
  • ABB GoFa™ CRB 15000
  • ABB GoFa™ CRB 15000

ABB GoFa™ CRB 15000

The ABB GoFa™ CRB 15000 series is a family of collaborative robots that enable close and safe human-robot collaboration. These robots are designed to handle loads up to 12 kg, offer a maximum speed of 2.2 m/s and a repeatability of 0.02 mm. In addition, they feature integrated torque sensors in each of their six joints, which offer superior power and force limiting, and stop the robot immediately if they detect any contact with a worker. The GoFa™ CRB 15000 robots can be easily set up and configured with intuitive graphical applications from the FlexPendant, and can be programmed using manual guidance from any point on the robot. They can also be controlled with the OmniCore, which offers best-in-class motion control and saves up to 20% energy consumption.

  • ABB's GoFa™ series is powered by the OmniCore controller, which is a family of robot controllers that offer high performance, high flexibility and integrated digital connectivity. The OmniCore controller is designed to meet the diverse manufacturing needs of the factory of the future, and enables safe human-robot collaboration.

    • It offers best-in-class motion control, combining TrueMove and QuickMove functions, which ensure high speed, position repeatability and path accuracy.
    • It features energy regeneration technology that saves and recovers braking energy, reducing energy consumption by up to 20% compared to previous ABB controllers.
    • It has built-in connectivity to the ABB Ability™ digital platform and connected services, which offer actionable intelligence and predictive maintenance services. It also has an IoT gateway that enables seamless data transmission and supports OPC UA and MQTT protocols.
    • It has more than 1000 scalable functions, such as RobotWare, SafeMove, Externally Guided Motion, stop position simulation, Wizard Easy Programming, Robot Control Mate and vision.
    • It has a hot-swappable FlexPendant programming unit, allowing the same FlexPendant to be shared among several robots, speeding commissioning and minimizing costs.
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