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  • FANUC SR-6iA


The FANUC SR-6iA is a SCARA (Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm) robot designed for various industrial applications that demand precision, speed, and a moderate payload capacity. Here are its key specifications and features:

Number of Axes: 4 axes

Reach: 650 mm

Payload Capacity: 6 kg


Applications: The SR-6iA is well-suited for a range of applications including assembly, pick and place, inspection, and packaging tasks. It can handle payloads weighing up to 6 kg, making it suitable for various industrial processes.


Workspace: It offers a 360° envelope within its reach, allowing for versatile movement and positioning in different directions.

Compact Design: The SR-6iA is designed with a lightweight pedestal that minimizes its footprint. This compact design helps in saving floor space in manufacturing environments.


Integrated Services: The robot is equipped with integrated services, which can reduce the risk of interference with peripheral devices and other equipment in the workspace.

Overall, the FANUC SR-6iA is a versatile and compact SCARA robot that provides a good balance between payload capacity, reach, precision, and speed. Its suitability for various industrial applications makes it a valuable choice for manufacturers looking to automate assembly, handling, inspection, and packaging tasks.

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