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  • FANUC M-3iA


The FANUC M-3 series of robots is engineered to deliver exceptional speed and versatility for high-speed small part handling and picking operations in various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. These robots are designed with a unique parallel-link structure and offer a very large work envelope, making them well-suited for automating demanding applications that may be challenging for traditional serial-link or SCARA robots. Here are some key features of the FANUC M-3 series:


  • Versatile Configurations: The M-3 series robots are available in three different configurations, allowing users to choose from robots with 3, 4, or 6 axes. This versatility enables customization based on specific application requirements.

  • Parallel-Link Structure: The parallel-link structure of these robots provides several advantages, including enhanced speed, precision, and flexibility in handling small parts. It allows for smooth and agile movements, making them ideal for pick-and-place tasks.

  • Large Work Envelope: The M-3 robots offer a very large work envelope, which means they can access a wide area and handle small parts across a broad workspace. This large reach provides greater flexibility in automation applications.

Applications: The FANUC M-3 series of robots is well-suited for a wide range of high-speed small part handling and picking operations in diverse industries. Some common applications include:

  • High-Speed Picking: These robots excel in high-speed picking operations, where they can rapidly and accurately select small parts from bins, trays, or conveyors.

  • Packaging: Their speed and precision make them ideal for packaging applications, such as placing small items into boxes or containers with high efficiency.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: In the pharmaceutical industry, M-3 robots can handle small vials, tubes, or medications with precision and cleanliness, ensuring compliance with strict quality standards.

  • Electronics Assembly: These robots are valuable for assembling electronic components, handling delicate parts, and placing them onto circuit boards.

  • Food Handling: In the food industry, M-3 robots can be used for tasks such as sorting and arranging small food items for packaging.

  • Material Sorting: They are effective for sorting operations, where they can categorize small items based on specific criteria and route them to different locations.

  • Laboratory Automation: M-3 robots find applications in laboratory automation, where they can handle test tubes, microplates, and other small lab equipment.

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