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  • FANUC M-2iA


The FANUC M-2 series of robots is engineered to provide compact and ultra-fast picking and assembly solutions across a spectrum of applications. These robots are designed with versatility in mind and offer the capability to meet various space requirements. Here are some key features of the FANUC M-2 series:


  • Multiple Configurations: The M-2 series is available in three different configurations, allowing users to choose from robots with 3, 4, or 6 axes. This flexibility enables customization based on specific application needs.


  • Payload Capacity: These robots are capable of handling payloads of up to 6 kg, making them suitable for applications that involve picking, packing, and handling items of varying sizes and weights.


  • Maximum Reach: The M-2 series robots provide a generous maximum reach of up to 1.13 meters. This extensive reach allows them to access a wide workspace and perform tasks efficiently.


Applications: The FANUC M-2 series of robots is well-suited for a range of high-speed conveyor and fast-paced handling operations. Some common applications include:


  • Picking and Packing: These robots excel in picking and packing tasks, where they can swiftly and accurately select items from conveyors and place them into packaging.

  • Material Handling: Their payload capacity and reach make them ideal for material handling applications, such as loading and unloading machines or transferring products between conveyor belts.

  • Assembly: The M-2 series can be employed in assembly tasks that involve joining various components or parts together rapidly and precisely.

  • Sorting: They are effective for sorting operations, where they can categorize items based on specific criteria and divert them to different destinations.

  • Machine Tending: These robots can tend to machines, feeding them with parts or materials and removing finished products from the machines.


  • High-Speed Conveyor Operations: Their ultra-fast performance is particularly beneficial in environments with high-speed conveyor systems, ensuring seamless integration and synchronization with conveyor movements.


In summary, the FANUC M-2 series of robots offers compact and agile solutions for high-speed picking, packing, assembly, and handling operations. Their adaptability, payload capacity, and extensive reach make them valuable assets for industries that require rapid and efficient automation in various applications.

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