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  • FANUC LR-10iA/10

FANUC LR-10iA/10

The FANUC LR-10iA/10 is a compact 6-axis robot designed to excel in machine tending and various picking applications, particularly in warehousing and logistics environments. This robot offers a compact and lightweight solution suitable for companies with limited floor space.


Key Specifications:

Number of Axes: 6.
Reach: 1101 mm.
Load Capacity: 10 kg.
Weight: 46 kg.


The LR-10iA/10 robot is engineered for efficiency and versatility. Its compact design and slim arm make it an ideal choice for tasks such as loading and unloading parts within machine tools, which is crucial for maintaining a seamless production process. The robot's slim profile enables it to fit into confined spaces, optimizing floor space utilization.


Weighing just 46 kg, the LR-10iA/10 robot can be mounted in various configurations to suit specific application requirements. It can be floor-mounted, upside down, or at an angle to adapt to different production setups. Additionally, the robot is highly compatible with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and other mobile platforms, allowing it to perform repetitive tasks or automate idle machines effectively.

In summary, the FANUC LR-10iA/10 is a lightweight, compact, and versatile robotic solution designed to enhance automation in small automation cells, machine tending, and material handling tasks in logistics and warehousing applications. Its adaptability and compatibility with various mounting options make it a valuable asset for optimizing production processes and increasing efficiency in constrained spaces.

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