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  • FANUC DR-3iB/8L


The FANUC DR-3iB/8L is part of the DR-3iB series of delta robots, which have been specially designed to set a new standard for fast and heavy-duty picking and packing solutions. These robots are based on the classic parallel-link design, known for its precision and speed.


The DR-3iB/8L model, in particular, offers impressive features:


Payload Capacity: This robot provides increased payload capacity, allowing it to handle heavier objects compared to its predecessors. The higher payload capacity enhances its versatility in various applications, especially in picking and packing scenarios where larger or heavier items need to be manipulated.


Inertia: Inertia is a crucial factor in the speed and agility of robotic movements. The DR-3iB/8L is designed to offer improved inertia characteristics, enabling faster and more precise motions. This makes it well-suited for applications requiring rapid and precise movements, such as high-speed picking.


Longest Reach: Among FANUC Delta Robots, the DR-3iB/8L boasts the longest reach, with an impressive reach of 1600 mm. The extended reach expands its work envelope and allows it to access objects located at greater distances, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.



The FANUC DR-3iB/8L is tailored for applications where speed, versatility, and the ability to handle heavier payloads are essential. Some of the typical applications include:

Picking and Packing: The robot's high payload capacity and extended reach make it ideal for picking and packing operations, especially in e-commerce, logistics, and manufacturing industries.


Assembly: Its precision and speed also make it suitable for assembly tasks, where components need to be manipulated and assembled quickly and accurately.

Material Handling: The robot can be used for material handling tasks, including transferring objects between conveyor belts, loading and unloading machines, and more.


Quality Inspection: In quality control processes, the robot's speed and precision can be leveraged for inspecting products and identifying defects.


Overall, the FANUC DR-3iB/8L delta robot sets a new standard for performance in picking and packing applications. Its combination of payload capacity, inertia characteristics, and extended reach allows it to handle a wide range of tasks, contributing to increased efficiency and productivity in various industries.

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