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  • Fanuc CR-4iA

Fanuc CR-4iA

This collaborative robot is the smallest among its peers, making it perfect for tasks in tight and confined spaces. With six axes in its arm, it boasts a maximum payload capacity of 4 kg. Like other collaborative robots, this compact machine excels at handling lightweight but tedious and highly manual tasks, making it a valuable addition to various work environments with limited space requirements.


One of its notable features is its versatility—it can be wall- or invert-mounted, allowing for a wider range of motion without impeding the operator's workspace. By taking on repetitive and mundane tasks, this robot frees up operators to focus on more complex or critical responsibilities. Additionally, it can collaborate with humans on tasks that require interactive approaches, such as the robot handing over a part for the operator to inspect.


What sets this robot apart is its ability to work closely with humans without requiring safety fencing, thanks to a safety stop feature. This unique capability maximizes available workspace and often leads to significant cost savings.


Here are its specifications:


  • Axis: 6
  • Reach: 550 mm
  • Load Capacity: 4 kg

In summary, this collaborative robot is an ideal choice for confined spaces and collaborative work, designed to enhance efficiency and safety across a range of applications.

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