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  • Fanuc CR-15iA

Fanuc CR-15iA

Introducing the CR-15iA, a formidable collaborative robot designed to tackle a diverse array of handling tasks. With a robust payload capacity of 15 kg, this powerhouse bridges the gap between its smaller counterparts, the CR-4iA and CR-7iA, and its larger sibling, the CR-35iA.


Leveraging FANUC's time-tested technology and a highly-sensitive sensor embedded in its base, the CR-15iA delivers unrivaled reliability and safety.

This high-performing robot is not only capable but also incredibly secure, making it an ideal choice for various industrial applications. Whether it's handling, machine tending, inspection, or logistics, the CR-15iA excels at working in collaboration with or alongside human operators, ensuring productivity and safety.



Axis: 6
Reach: 1441 mm
Load Capacity: 15 kg

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