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  • Fanuc ARC Mate 50iD i

Fanuc ARC Mate 50iD i

The ARC Mate 50iD is a versatile arc welding robot designed for a wide range of welding applications. It represents the latest generation of the ARC Mate 50 series and offers robust performance in demanding working conditions.


Key Specifications:


Number of Axes: 6.
Reach: 717 mm.
Load Capacity: 7 kg.

The ARC Mate 50iD is a 6-axis robot known for its durability and adaptability in challenging welding environments. It is designed to consistently maintain high-quality welding standards, making it a reliable choice for a variety of welding tasks.

With a reach of 717 mm and a load capacity of 7 kg, this robot provides flexibility and precision in handling welding processes. Its 6-axis design enables it to access difficult-to-reach areas, ensuring efficient and accurate welding operations.


The ARC Mate 50iD is engineered to meet the demands of industries that require high-quality welding results. Whether it's automotive manufacturing, metal fabrication, or other welding applications, this robot's rugged design and capabilities make it a valuable asset for achieving consistent and reliable welds.


In summary, the ARC Mate 50iD is a robust and versatile arc welding robot equipped to excel in challenging work environments. Its ability to deliver high-quality welds and its adaptability to various welding tasks make it a valuable addition to industries that rely on precise and efficient welding processes.

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