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  • Fanuc ARC Mate 120iD/35

Fanuc ARC Mate 120iD/35

The ARC Mate 120iD/35 is a specialized welding robot renowned for its exceptional speed, accuracy, and accessibility in welding applications. It has been designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty welding tasks, making it suitable for applications that involve large and weighty workpieces or require the handling of heavy welding equipment.


Key Specifications:

  • Number of Axes: 6.
  • Reach: 1831 mm.
  • Load Capacity: 35 kg.

Key Features:


  • High Axis Speeds: This robot is equipped with outstanding axis speeds within its class, ensuring swift and precise movements during welding operations. The rapid motion speeds contribute to reduced cycle times and increased productivity, even when handling heavy payloads.


  • Ultimate Precision: Precision is critical in welding applications, and the ARC Mate 120iD/35 excels in this regard. Its high levels of accuracy and repeatability ensure that welds are consistently of the highest quality.


  • Heavy Payload Capacity: With a substantial payload capacity of 35 kg, this robot is capable of handling heavy parts and welding equipment with ease. This capacity makes it suitable for applications that involve large workpieces or require the use of substantial welding tools.


Applications: The ARC Mate 120iD/35 is specifically designed for welding applications where both precision and heavy lifting capacity are essential. It is well-suited for a range of industries, including automotive manufacturing, shipbuilding, construction, and heavy machinery production.


Some common applications for this robot include


  • Welding of large metal components and structures.
  • Joining of heavy steel plates and sections.
  • Handling and welding of bulky welding equipment, such as heavy torches and wire feeders.
  • Fabrication of heavy-duty machinery and equipment.

Overall, the ARC Mate 120iD/35 is a robust and high-performance welding robot that combines speed, accuracy, and heavy payload capacity to meet the demands of challenging welding tasks in industries that require exceptional welding quality and efficiency.

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