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  • Fanuc ARC Mate 120iD/12L

Fanuc ARC Mate 120iD/12L

The ARC Mate 120iD/12L is a specialized welding robot known for its exceptional speed, accuracy, and accessibility in welding applications. Designed to provide top-tier performance, this robot is particularly well-suited for tasks that demand high precision and extended reach, making it an ideal choice for a variety of welding needs.


Key Specifications:

  • Number of Axes: 6.
  • Reach: 2272 mm.
  • Load Capacity: 12 kg.

Key Features:


  • High Axis Speeds: This robot boasts outstanding axis speeds within its class, enabling it to complete welding tasks with remarkable efficiency. The rapid motion speeds contribute to reduced cycle times and increased productivity.


  • Ultimate Precision: Precision is paramount in welding applications, and the ARC Mate 120iD/12L delivers with high levels of accuracy. Its repeatability and precision ensure consistent and reliable welds, even in demanding applications.


  • Extended Horizontal Stroke: One of the standout features of this robot is its very long horizontal stroke. This extended reach allows it to weld large parts and workpieces with ease, expanding its versatility and application possibilities.


  • Additional Tool Capacity: To enhance flexibility and adaptability, the robot has the capacity to carry additional tools and torches weighing up to 12 kg. This feature enables it to handle various welding tools and accessories, making it suitable for a wide range of welding processes and materials.


Applications: The ARC Mate 120iD/12L is designed to excel in welding applications across multiple industries. Its combination of speed, precision, and extended reach makes it a valuable asset for manufacturers seeking a reliable and efficient welding solution. Whether you're welding large components or intricate assemblies, this robot can meet the demands of various welding tasks.


The robot's robust performance, coupled with its ability to accommodate additional tools, torches, and accessories, provides the flexibility needed to tackle different welding challenges. This makes it a versatile choice for automotive manufacturing, metal fabrication, and other industries where welding quality, efficiency, and access to various weld points are essential.


Overall, the ARC Mate 120iD/12L is a high-performance welding robot that offers the speed, accuracy, and reach required to optimize welding processes and maintain high-quality standards in a variety of industrial applications.

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