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  • Fanuc Arc Mate 100iD/16S

Fanuc Arc Mate 100iD/16S

The Arc Mate 100iD/16S is a highly versatile arc welding robot designed for compact workspaces and top mount applications. It features an enhanced hollow wrist design that allows it to support payloads of up to 16 kg, making it a standout choice in its class.


Key Specifications:


Number of Axes: 6.
Reach: 1103 mm.
Load Capacity: 16 kg.


The Arc Mate 100iD/16S is engineered for applications that demand precise and high-quality arc welding in tight or constrained spaces. Its compact design, combined with an extended reach and increased payload capacity, sets it apart as a reliable and efficient welding solution.


Notable Features:


Compact Design: This robot's compact form factor is optimized for environments with limited space. It excels in scenarios where traditional welding robots may struggle to access the work area due to spatial constraints.


Enhanced Payload Capacity: The Arc Mate 100iD/16S boasts an improved hollow wrist design that enables it to handle payloads of up to 16 kg. This enhanced load capacity provides greater flexibility in welding applications, accommodating larger workpieces and welding accessories.


Versatile Mounting: In addition to its compact design, this robot can be used for top mount applications. This versatility allows it to be installed in various orientations to suit the specific requirements of the welding cell.


High Precision: Precision is essential in welding tasks, and this robot delivers accuracy and repeatability, ensuring consistent weld quality. It is capable of maintaining precise control over the welding process.


Speed and Efficiency: While designed for compact spaces, the Arc Mate 100iD/16S is engineered for efficient and fast operation. Its high-speed motion capabilities contribute to reduced cycle times and increased productivity.


This robot is well-suited for industries that require efficient welding solutions in confined spaces, such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and more. Its ability to handle larger payloads while maintaining precision makes it a valuable asset in achieving high-quality welds in challenging environments.

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