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  • Fanuc ARC Mate 100iD/10L

Fanuc ARC Mate 100iD/10L

The ARC Mate 100iD/10L is a long-arm arc welding robot known for its exceptional reach, speed, precision, and versatility. It is designed to excel in narrow installations while providing the ability to work on relatively large parts and accommodate various mounting orientations.


Key Specifications:

  • Number of Axes: 6.
  • Reach: 1636 mm.
  • Load Capacity: 10 kg.

Description: The ARC Mate 100iD/10L belongs to the new generation of arc welding robots and is characterized by its focus on productivity, speed, and ease of integration. Its long arm and advanced features make it highly suitable for a wide range of arc welding applications.


Notable Features:


  • Extended Reach: With a reach of 1636 mm, this robot provides a substantial working envelope. Its large horizontal stroke allows it to handle relatively large workpieces, making it versatile for welding applications that involve varying part sizes.

  • Versatile Mounting: The ARC Mate 100iD/10L is designed to work in narrow spaces, and it can be installed upside down or at an angle. This flexibility in mounting options ensures that the robot can adapt to the specific layout of the welding cell, optimizing space utilization.


  • High-Speed Axes: This robot is equipped with high-speed axes, enabling rapid and precise movements. Faster motion contributes to increased productivity, reduced cycle times, and efficient welding operations.

  • Precision Welding: Precision is crucial in welding applications, and this robot offers the level of accuracy required for high-quality welds. Its repeatability and motion control ensure consistent and reliable weld seams.


  • Integrated Hose Pack: The robot features an integrated hose pack and cable management system. This design minimizes interference and ensures that utility cables, air hoses, and other services are well-organized within the robotic arm.

The ARC Mate 100iD/10L is an excellent choice for industries that require arc welding in confined or complex environments. Its ability to handle both small and large parts, coupled with its speed and precision, makes it a valuable asset in achieving efficient and high-quality welding results.

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