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  • Dobot MG400

Dobot MG400

The MG400 is a compact robotic arm designed for desktop use, boasting a footprint even smaller than an A4 size paper. Its primary focus is on safety in human collaboration, ease of use, and swift deployment, making it an ideal choice for automating small batch flexible productions. With a maximum payload capacity of 750 g and a reach extending up to 440 mm, along with features like drag-to-teach programming and collision detection, the MG400 presents a cost-effective solution for handling smart automation tasks.


The MG400 comes equipped with a user-friendly interface designed to simplify programming and control. It offers users multiple programming options, including a graphical interface for intuitive operation, scripting capabilities using programming languages like LUA, and compatibility with various APIs such as C, C#, Python, Kotlin, and more. This degree of flexibility empowers users to program and tailor the robot's actions to meet their specific needs and workflow requirements.

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