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  • Dobot Magician Lite Educational

Dobot Magician Lite Educational

The Magician Lite is a lightweight and intelligent robotic arm specifically designed for K12 education. It provides students with a broad range of opportunities for hands-on interaction, using a combination of software, hardware, and expansion interfaces to stimulate their creativity. Through the process of assembling and engaging with the Magician Lite, students gain practical experience and knowledge in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. This educational tool introduces them to the captivating world of robotics and demonstrates how robots can be applied in real-world scenarios.

The Magic Box serves as the external control unit for the Magician Lite, handling programming tasks efficiently. It features 12 communication interfaces, supports Bluetooth connectivity, and is compatible with various accessories, enhancing the versatility of the robotic arm.


For students, there are comprehensive robotics courses available, structured in a chapter-by-chapter format to facilitate their learning journey. These courses provide an introduction to programming and essential robotic skills for young learners, equipping them with valuable knowledge for their future endeavors. Additionally, optional kits such as drawing, industrial 4.0, AI vision, and sensor kits are offered, offering students additional opportunities for creativity and exploration.


The Magician Lite incorporates a drag-to-teach programming feature and offers multiple programming options. These include a user-friendly graphical interface for intuitive operation, graphical block programming similar to Scratch, scripting using programming languages like LUA, and compatibility with various APIs such as C, C#, Python, Kotlin, and more. This wide array of programming choices ensures accessibility for users of all skill levels, allowing them to learn and master the operation of the robotic arm in a manner that suits their individual preferences and expertise.

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