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  • CRX- 5iA

CRX- 5iA

The CRX-5iA Collaborative Robot is a versatile solution designed for manufacturers, especially those with little to no prior experience with robotics. With a 5 kg payload capacity and an impressive 994 mm reach, it offers a robust platform for various industrial applications.


What sets the CRX series apart is its user-friendly programming interface. FANUC has integrated a drag-and-drop functionality into a tablet teach pendant, making programming intuitive and accessible, even for those new to robotics. This ease of programming, combined with FANUC's renowned technology and proven reliability, ensures that the CRX-5iA can work safely alongside human operators in diverse industrial and manufacturing settings.


Safety is a top priority, and the CRX-5iA is designed to meet this requirement. It boasts an IP67 rating, providing protection against dust and liquid ingress, making it suitable for operation in harsh industrial environments. Additionally, it fully complies with ISO 10218-1 safety standards, ensuring a safe working environment for human-robot collaboration.


Despite its capabilities, the CRX-5iA remains lightweight, weighing only 25 kg. This low weight makes it easily deployable in a wide range of applications, including assembling, machine tending, and material handling. The CRX-5iA is a versatile and user-friendly robotic solution that brings automation within reach for manufacturers of all experience levels.

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