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  • CR-7iA and CR-7iA/L

CR-7iA and CR-7iA/L

Meet the CR-7iA and CR-7iA/L Collaborative Robots, your versatile and compact automation companions.


These robots are designed to collaborate closely with humans, taking on light but repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as material handling, that can weigh up to 7 kg. Whether it's assembling small parts or efficiently moving items from one location to another in a production line, these robots are up to the task. They are highly programmable and can handle entire production workflows with consistent and reliable quality.


With a generous reach of 911 mm, these robots excel in machine tending and palletizing applications, offering a wide working range. Importantly, they don't require physical fencing for safety. Integrated sensor technology allows them to detect collisions with fixed objects or even humans, automatically stopping to prevent accidents. This feature not only saves space but also reduces manufacturing costs.


The CR-7iA and CR-7iA/L are compatible with existing FANUC accessories like iRVision, enhancing their versatility and capabilities. The choice between the standard arm and the long arm version depends on your specific needs. The standard arm is ideal for confined spaces, while the long arm extends further for broader workspaces. These robots are the embodiment of collaboration, making automation more accessible and efficient for a wide range of industries.

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