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  • ABP4000/4000 Fiber Laser

ABP4000/4000 Fiber Laser

Raycus RFL-ABP (Adjustable Beam Profile) technology represents a significant advancement in the field of fiber laser technology, particularly for industrial laser cutting and welding applications. This technology addresses several critical needs and challenges, making it a valuable tool for improving processing quality and efficiency. Here are the key points about RFL-ABP:

  • Customizable Beam Profiles: RFL-ABP uses a customized optical fiber combiner developed by Raycus. This technology allows for the creation of different beam profiles, including Gaussian spot, ring spot, mixed spot, and more. The ability to switch between these profiles according to specific processing requirements provides a high degree of flexibility and adaptability.

  • On-the-Fly Beam Mode Switching: One of the notable features of RFL-ABP is the ability to switch between different beam modes during laser processing operations. This capability is essential because various materials and tasks may demand specific beam profiles for optimal results. Being able to make these adjustments on-the-fly enhances efficiency and quality.

  • Independent Power Control: RFL-ABP allows independent control of the power distribution between the fiber core and the ring core of the laser beam. This independent power adjustment enables precise control over the power ratio between the two cores. Such control is vital for fine-tuning the laser output to suit different applications.

  • Enhanced Processing Quality: This technology is designed to meet the requirements of high-quality laser cutting and welding. By tailoring the beam profile and power distribution, users can achieve improved processing quality, precision, and consistency in their work.

  • Improved Processing Efficiency: The flexibility offered by RFL-ABP, including customizable beam profiles and independent power control, contributes to enhanced processing efficiency. This can result in reduced processing times and increased overall productivity, making it a valuable tool in industrial settings.

In summary, Raycus RFL-ABP technology fills a critical gap in the field of domestic fiber laser technology. It enables users to adjust beam profiles and power distribution, providing the means to optimize laser processing for different applications. This flexibility enhances both the quality and efficiency of laser cutting and welding processes, making RFL-ABP a valuable asset in industrial manufacturing and materials processing.

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