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  • ABP P500/C2000 Fiber Laser

ABP P500/C2000 Fiber Laser

Raycus ABP cleaning laser, which utilizes ring-shaped spot beam combining technology, offers several notable advantages in the realm of laser cleaning:

  • Ring-Shaped Spot Beam: This technology shapes the output laser into a distinctive ring-shaped spot. The central portion is a pulsed spot with high peak power, while the outer ring is a high-power continuous spot. These two spots are independent of each other and do not overlap, providing precise control over the cleaning process.

  • Increased Power Density: In contrast to traditional cleaning spots with external optical path combination, the ring spot composite laser in the ABP cleaning laser significantly boosts the power density of the outer ring of the spot. This enhancement results in substantially improved cleaning efficiency, making it highly effective in removing contaminants and coatings.

  • Versatility in Material and Color: The ABP cleaning laser offers a wider selectable wavelength range, making it suitable for cleaning various surface materials and colors. This versatility ensures its applicability to a broad spectrum of cleaning tasks, even when dealing with different materials and surface finishes.

  • Automation Integration: When combined with automation methods, such as robotic systems or CNC machinery, the ABP cleaning laser becomes a powerful tool for large-scale cleaning applications. It can be seamlessly integrated into industries like rail transit, ships, aerospace, and more, where the removal of non-ferrous metal oxide layers (e.g., rust and aluminum alloy residues) is a common requirement.

  • Precision Cleaning: The ability to control the pulsed and continuous laser spots independently enables precise cleaning, ensuring that only the target contaminants are removed without damaging the underlying substrate. This precision is especially critical in industries where maintaining the integrity of materials is paramount.

  • Environmental Benefits: Laser cleaning is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cleaning methods that often involve the use of chemicals or abrasive techniques. By relying on laser technology, the ABP cleaning laser minimizes waste and eliminates the need for hazardous cleaning agents.

In summary, Raycus ABP cleaning laser's ring-shaped spot beam technology, combined with its enhanced power density and versatility, makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of industrial cleaning applications. Whether in the field of rail transit, aerospace, or shipbuilding, it offers a precise, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for removing contaminants and oxide layers from various surfaces.

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