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  • ABB YuMi® - IRB 14000

ABB YuMi® - IRB 14000

The YuMi® - IRB 14000 | Collaborative Robot is a dual-arm robot designed by ABB to work together with people in small parts assembly tasks. YuMi® is the world's first truly collaborative robot, offering innovative functionality and integrated safety.


YuMi® is a robotic solution that helps people and robots work safely and productively, without barriers. YuMi® is the result of years of research and development, making human-robot collaboration a reality.

  • Some of its main features are:

    • It has seven axes of movement in each arm, which allows it great flexibility and agility.
    • It has flexible hands that can manipulate objects of different shapes and sizes.
    • It has part feeding and location systems that facilitate the assembly of customized products.
    • It has intuitive programming that allows people with no previous experience to use the robot with ease.
    • It has a load capacity of 500 grams per arm and an accuracy of 0.02 millimeters.
    • It has a maximum speed of 1500 millimeters per second and a maximum reach of 559 millimeters per arm.
    • It has a height of 901 millimeters and a weight of 38 kilograms.
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