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  • ABB YuMi® de un solo brazo - IRB 14050

ABB YuMi® de un solo brazo - IRB 14050

The single-arm YuMi® - IRB 14050 | Collaborative Robot is an industrial robot designed by ABB to facilitate small parts assembly and human-machine collaboration.

    • It has an ultra-light magnesium arm that can rotate in seven axes, allowing it to mimic human movements with great agility and precision.
    • It has a rated load of 500 g and can be mounted in any position, giving it great versatility and adaptability to different production environments.
    • It has simple, user-friendly programming based on intuitive robot guidance by workers, reducing barriers to entry and the need for specialized training.
    • It has integrated vision in the SmartGripper, which allows it to recognize and manipulate objects intelligently.
    • It can be combined with other robots in the YuMi family, such as the dual-arm YuMi, to increase the flexibility and complexity of assembly tasks.
    • It is powered by the OmniCore controller, which offers high performance and advanced connectivity.
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