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The ABB IRB 5510 painting robot is a highly flexible and precise medium-sized robot for painting small automotive parts and general industrial painting. This robot offers reduced cycle time, process optimization and a digital platform to ensure superior paint quality and maximum uptime.

The IRB 5510 is an innovative and efficient painting robot that can improve productivity and paint quality in a variety of industries.

  • Some of the key features of the IRB 5510 are:

    It has the same advanced features as the IRB 5500 in a small form factor with a reduced footprint compared to other similar robots on the market.

    It is highly versatile and is aimed at small workpiece painting, flame treatment and opening applications.

    It features ABB's hollow wrist technology, which eliminates wear and tear on paint and air supply hoses, increasing overall reliability.

    It also features ABB's Integrated Process System (IPS), with closed-loop regulation capabilities and high-speed control of paint and air flow. IPS can increase process response times and reduce paint and solvent waste.

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