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  • ABB IRB 5500-27 PAINTING


The ABB IRB 5500-27 painting robot is a new variant of the innovative IRB 5500 robot family. It features 7 integrated axes that allow for a larger working range and a flexible installation position, making it capable of supporting both interior and exterior painting of automobiles as well as other painting applications.

  • Some of the key features of the IRB 5500-27 are:

    • Designed to be a universal backup on the mobile line and an enhanced solution on the stop-start line, the IRB 5500-27 offers the flexibility and reach to accommodate various car body sizes, which can reduce the number of robots needed on a paint line.
    • This increased flexibility combined with the ability to adjust the robot installation position reduces cycle times.
    • In addition, the integration of ABB's dynamic model to control all axes reduces energy consumption, increases accuracy and ensures synchronized and balanced robot motion.
    • The IRB 5500-27 features compact and lightweight paint application components that allow paint control equipment, such as pumps, to be placed as close as 15 cm from the wrist. This reduces paint and solvent waste during color change significantly.
    • The IRB 5500-27 has standard solutions that support color change valves for up to 32* circulating colors, integrated into the robot process arm. It also features two pumps, driven by integrated servo motors, 64 pilot valves, dual air-form atomizer control with closed-loop regulation, closed-loop regulation of disk speed and high-voltage control, all fully integrated.
    • The IRB 5500-27 is equipped with the IRC5P control system, specifically designed for the paint shop. With the IPS (Integrated Process System), the user-friendly, Ex-certified FlexPaint Pendant and RobView 5, it is a combination of standardized functions for the paint shop to suit specific needs.
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