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  • ABB IRB 5500-22/23 FlexPainter

ABB IRB 5500-22/23 FlexPainter

The IRB 5500-22/23 painting robot is an innovative and flexible solution for exterior body painting. This robot integrates the paint application equipment into its arm, which reduces paint and solvent waste during color change. In addition, it has a large working area and high acceleration and painting speed, resulting in higher efficiency and finish quality.

  • The variants of the IRB 5500-22/23 painting robot are as follows:

    The IRB 5500-22 is a floor-mounted paint robot that is designed for the FlexBell Cartridge System (CBS), which allows for near-instantaneous, lossless color change. It has a unique design that allows it to move parallel to all vertical and horizontal surfaces of the car, eliminating the need for overlapping. It has a 10 kg wrist payload, an arm reach of 2.2 m and an IP67 protection rating.

    The IRB 5500-23 is a rail-mounted painting robot, which is also designed for the FlexBell Cartridge System (CBS). It has the same features as the IRB 5500-22, except that it has a 2.3 m arm reach.

    Both variants have 7 axes, an IRC5P control system, a family of high-flow RB1000 atomizers and modular paint application components1. Both variants also have Ex approval, which means they are suitable for work in hazardous areas.

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