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The IRB 5350 painting robot is a product of ABB, a leading company in robotics and industrial automation. This robot is designed to assist other painting robots in applying paint to the interior of automobiles, opening and closing doors quickly and accurately. It is a compact and efficient robotic assistant that improves the productivity and quality of automotive interior painting operations.

  • The IRB 5350 has the following main features:

    • It has two versions: a three-axis version for stop-and-go solutions, and a four-axis version for mobile in-line solutions.
    • It has an IP66 protection rating, which means it is dust and water resistant.
    • It has a maximum load of 7 kg and a position repeatability of 0.02 mm.
    • It has a movement speed of up to 1920 mm/s on the rail axis, allowing it to move throughout the spray booth.
    • It uses ABB's QuickMove™ / TrueMove™ technology, which allows it to perform a door opening cycle in 3 seconds, including approach, fetch, grasp, open, release, etc.
    • It is controlled by the IRC5P robot controller, which can also control other ABB painting robots, facilitating integration and programming.
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